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Denied Merchant I now blacklisted?

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  • Denied Merchant I now blacklisted?

    I was denied a merchant account. It was for high risk products.

    Is this going to be on my record permanently to the point where no other merchants will approve me?

    They said my Chargeback rate was too high... 10% which I think my return rate was 10% .. no way was the chargeback 10% on my paypal.

    It says "Chargeback" on the Paypal statement but in reality it seems to be only the total amount of returns + Chargebacks..

    Seems the way to go is to get approved for low risk products, then sneak in other stuff eventually once youre approved?

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    No, there is no record kept for such things except with that bank and its associates. After all it's not like you ended up in collections with monies owed right? Simply not approved. (Similarly if you were terminated after being with them for a while, would be the same situation.)

    However, you'd be surprised how few underwriters there really are in each country for this sort of thing - what I mean is, at the end of the day you might find that the "bank" that underwrites one merchant account is the exact same one that underwrites many others.

    When you get a merchant account there is the entity that you initially applied with, then the company under it that actually handles the processing, and then under that processor - the underwriter.

    BECAUSE there are so few actual underwriters, records of denial or termination are actually more relevant than you might think. You might apply at what you think is a completely different merchant processors, not knowing that it is underwritten by the same underwriter as one where you were denied or terminated.

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