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Adding a new PayPal to eBay to replace a limited PayPal, will it work?

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  • Adding a new PayPal to eBay to replace a limited PayPal, will it work?

    recently my very old established busines paypal account, was limited.
    I was wondeing if i can add new paypal, without them connecting to the limited one, and aventually, limiting my new paypal account as well.

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    During the time when eBay and PayPay were the same company, it was a bad idea to add a PayPal to your eBay unless it MATCHED perfectly the same account holder name as on the eBay. In other words, if for example you had an eBay with the name Joe Blow, it used to be a very bad idea (would lead to issues for the eBay or the PayPal) to add a PayPal where its owner was other than this same Joe Blow.

    This MATCHING of owner names on the eBay and PayPal is STILL probably the best way to create entirely new accounts, as explained in more detail in the Short List. (Plus, when you are creating entirely new accounts - why not make them both under the same owner name?)

    However, if you have a strong eBay that is completely legitimate (not Stealth), and by strong I mean, capable of standing on its own and put under scrutiny of identity verification techniques such as outlined in the Short List, then adding a completely different PayPal to it is actually okay these days. By okay I do not mean that it is 100% certain to last, but our experimental evidence shows that it is okay.

    Now it does get to be a little more risky if you are adding a new PayPal to an eBay where its prior PayPal was permanently limited - however still, in these days when eBay and PayPal are completely separate companies, even doing this might work well. ONE SUGGESTION when you do this is to CHANGE the address on the eBay so that no address associated with either the eBay or the new PayPal is associated with a banned account.

    In sum: there still remain lines of communication between eBay and PayPal, but there is no longer a complete exchange of information. Because of this, you are able to get away with mismatched eBay and PayPals such as described above.
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      took a risk and attached new PP.
      Hope it will run smoothly!