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Discover it card - good cashback rewards up to 5%

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  • Discover it card - good cashback rewards up to 5%

    In general I prefer cards that offer cash rebates. The cards that offer you "points" are good if you travel a lot, but otherwise, those points end up buying you some item that would normally sell for say $20. after something like $2000. worth of purchases.

    Discover is a good card because it gives you a 5% rebate on a different category quarterly. For example currently 5% on all restaurants. (At other times, department stores, movie theatres, gasoline, etc.) All you have to do is click to accept the latest quarterly offering. The Discover it (not sure what the it has to do with, the card went from being just plain Discover to the Discover it card a few years back) also gives you a 1% rebate on everything else.

    Discover can be a little harder to get a high credit line with right off the bat, but over time with good credit and persistence you may get a high line with them.

    No annual fee.

    For those of you interested in a credit card processing account, for all of 2015 Discover offers zero processing fees through National BankCard:
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