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Unauthorized credit card Charges

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  • Unauthorized credit card Charges


    2 Days ago,when I was checking my Card statement,I encountered with 2 unauthorized charges that I didn't make them.the Description was:
    Purchase at GOOGLE *WALLET CA US

    Actually,I have never added any Card/funds to my google account,so I contacted google,and they cancelled the charges + have taken action to prevent further charges. and gave me a refund.also they said that are not able to tell me who has make these charges!
    I'm anxious and curious about this situation.who charged me and how got my Card info!should I replace this Card with a new one immediately?

    meanwhile ,I used this Card to pay my invoices on 2 reliable sites , adding it to Paypal account.

    Thank you!

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    Assuming these are unauthorized, you should yes - report the card lost/stolen, and then dispute the unauthorized charges. You have the ability to do this with any Visa/MC type card, whether in your own or a gift card type account. There is a requirement on some gift cards that you have registered them with your name and billing address, in order to dispute charges. But whether registered or not, you may always cancel a card and request a new one, although with some gift cards there is a cost to have a new one issued.
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