Two of my clients received denial letters. SBA Form 2157B

One was for bad credit, received 40 days after she applied, indicating "unsatisfactory credit history":

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In her case, there was no point in appealing - her credit was in fact bad. She has since hired me to repair her credit, although we will probably not be able to repair it in time to get her the EIDL loan.

The second client had a typo in his application - he had put a larger sum for the cost of goods than his net receivables, so he received this letter, 43 days after he had applied:

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which indicated "economic injury is not substantiated." In his case, we were able to resubmit the information to [email protected] with the correction and get him back on track for processing.

In both of these cases, calling SBA Tier 2 or tier anything will not help. You must make your response in writing.