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Paypal request for new VISA Card - any suggestions

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  • Paypal request for new VISA Card - any suggestions

    Today as usual like in the past 2 years , I went to 2 of my paypal accounts
    to withdraw some money to my Entropay Virtual Debit Cards ( THEY ARE VISA CARDS INDEED ) , but for the
    first time paypal didn't allow me to manage the process asking me to add a
    card with a VISA logo on it ! Does that mean that Entropay is not acceptable
    for paypal anymore ! Also I tried to pay on 2 of my eBay accounts monthly fees with the Entropay cards and no problem at all - working just fine ! I really need some tips on this issue , because I will get stuck with some good money in my paypal accounts at the moment and in future , cause I got more items ending every day on my eBay accounts ! What do you suggest me to do ? I really love my Entropay cards !
    See what I mean :

    Few friends suggested me now to try this virtual visa cards - they have used
    them before :

    Welcome to AnonyCard :: Virtual Visa Card

    Thanks in advance guys !
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    Well , some friends of mine with real VISA Debit Cards come upon to the same problem yesterday like me ! Any suggestions - does anyone had the same problem ?


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      PayPal has never liked the transfer of funds to anything other than a bank account, so they may be clamping down now on PayPal to credit card or the equivalent transfers.

      In some countries, such as India, PayPal automatically transfers out the PayPal balance to the attached bank account, much like Google Checkout, which makes it harder to get the funds out in other ways, since money is constantly going out anyway by the default bank transfer method.
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