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    More of a general tracking discussion not limited to eBay. I'm careful about removing the metadata from my photos anyway before uploading them to sites. More and more sites are asking you to upload documents and images for compliance reasons.

    One piece of data you cannot remove from the properties of your image is the location on your computer. When you upload this to another site does this information stay?

    For example, say your name is John Doe and your image is located in a folder path called John Doe>John Doe's Pictures>Image 1
    When you upload that image, can the site you're uploading it to see that folder path and all the names of your folders? In other words if you're uploading an image purporting to be that your name is Steve Jones, can they see the folders on your computer suggest you are really John Doe?

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    At first by "location on your computer" of the image I thought you meant the GPS location the photo was taken because cameras allow this "geotagging" to be disabled. Geotagging is really only enabled on cell phone cameras because other cameras, while they have GPS support, don't usually have GPS receivers built in to them.

    I see now you mean the path to the image. This is just something referred to by the uploading software to find your image. It's no different from uploading a document or any other file, it's just something that tells the uploader where to find the file. This "path" isn't something that is accessible again because it has meaning only when that specific computer is connected to the uploader. Nor is this "path" recorded after upload, it's again, just the information needed for the uploader to find / follow the image up to the server.

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    Metadata basics and actions in Lightroom Classic

    In sum, this path is not a "property" of your image once it leaves your computer. It is, I suppose, a property of the image while it resides on your computer because that is how the computer's operating system refers to it and finds it. But this "property" changes once the image is moved someplace else.
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