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Integrating cartmanager with Ebay, using cartmanager plus payment gateway with Ebay

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  • Integrating cartmanager with Ebay, using cartmanager plus payment gateway with Ebay

    Here is what you do once you have setup your merchant account to use it with cartmanager so that you may use it with Ebay to get paid!

    The below outlines integrating your merchant account with cartmanager via, for use on EBay. Using cartmanager in this way you will be able to sneak any merchant account for use with Ebay, without even getting Ebay's approval for the process.

    For a more permanent solution, to get a merchant account and have it approved by Ebay, contact me.

    Please contact me via PM for the best deal on cartmanager. I am an authorized reseller and will get credit when you sign up. I can get you a free 14 day trial as well.

    A. GO TO YOUR GATEWAY ACCOUNT AND GET YOUR API LOGIN ID AND TRANSACTION KEYS. Contact me for tech support to learn how to get these if you do not know how.

    You may get these from here:
    1. Login to your QuickCommerce / gateway
    2. Go to the Account tab
    3. Settings
    4. Under Security Settings, click link for API Login ID and Transaction Key
    5. Your API Login ID will be visible
    6. You must answer your security question to get a new Transaction Key, or use the one provided to you when you opened your account

    To enter your "Merchant Key" and "Merchant ID" into the shopping cart:
    1. https:/
    2. Cart Settings
    3. Payment/Gateway Settings
    4. Under Payment Gateway Configuration, select the pulldown menu for AIM
    5. Make sure Cart Mode is set to Normal
    6. Check Capture so that the cart both authorized and captures each transaction (otherwise you will need to capture manually each transaction).
    7. Check Level I (Basic card information only)
    8. Click off all the credit cards on the left, Visa, Master Card, Novus/Discover, American Express, and also on the right side, Show Visa Icon, Show Master Card Icon, Show Novus Icon, Show American Express Icon.
    9. Check the transaction type "By Credit Card with Real-Time Processing (OnlineOrder)"
    10. Under “Extra Card Information” I suggest “Require” Verification Number Input.
    11. Save

    I also suggest making your invoices mobile friendly:
    -Under the above, Cart Settings, go to Color / Layout Settings.
    Scroll down to the bottom area, “Template,” and under the heading “Mobile Devices,” use the pulldown menu to set the cart to
    Then, Save.

    1. Login to cartmanager with your assigned cart username and password.
    2. Connect the cart to your gateway account by going to the section called "Cart Settings", and the subsection, "Payment/Gateway Settings" and doing the following:
    a. Select your gateway. (see above)
    b. Enter the requested gateway information. (see above)
    3. Go to the �Extra Features� section of the cart, and then click on the link, "eBay Auctions". This is located in the left-side menu.
    5. Login to eBay.
    6. Click �Agree and Continue�. It will display a page explaining when to update the authorization.
    7. Click on �Click Here to continue�.
    8. On this page you are given three options.
    a. The typical merchant will list all of their products directly into eBay, or use a listing tool like �Turbo Lister� or �Auctiva�. If this describes you, click on the top option.
    b. You also have the option to list auctions to eBay through the cart tool �Inventory Control�. If you want to be able to use both, click on the middle option.
    c. If you do not want to list directly in eBay and want to list through the cart exclusively, click on the bottom option.
    9. Default Shipping Settings or Inventory Control.
    i. If you chose option (a) or (b) in step 8, you will now be able to set up some default shipping and handling settings. These settings will only be used if you do not have shipping set up in the auction. You can set up a flat fee using �Handling Charge�, and/or allow the cart to calculate a shipping amount by entering an �Item Weight�, and a �Ship Method�. Your cart is now ready to be used to take payment for your auctions. The following steps are only for those that wish to use the Shopping Cart Inventory Control tool to list auctions to eBay.
    ii. If you chose option (c) in step 8, you can now add auction items to the cart�s "Inventory Control" tool. Click on �eBay Auctions� in the left menu.
    10. Select �Add A New Product - Using Cart Inventory Control�.
    11. Enter the auction item information and click �Save�.
    12. When complete, you will click on, �Search/Edit An Existing Product" within the cart and a list of all entered items will appear.
    13. Select the item(s) to add to eBay by clicking �eBay� in the same column as the item to be formatted and sent to auction.
    14. Now these items can be completely described and transmitted to eBay for auction without having to switch back and forth between the cart and

    If you charge sales tax, go to item 5. Tax Settings on cartmanager
    1. Use the pull down menu to select your state.
    2. Enter the sales tax rate into the box.
    3. Click one of the Basic Tax Options - whether to calculate tax before shipping costs, on rush order charge, etc.
    4. Use pull down menu to select whether sales tax is charged depending on shipping address, billing address or your (merchant's) address.

    If you ship worldwide, you must enter different shipping methods to correspond to the methods you allow in your EBAY auctions (USPS, USPS international, UPS, FEDEX, etc.)

    In order to enable the "world-area" feature of your merchant account with CartManager you must

    1) login to cartmanager
    2) cart settings
    3) step 6 shipping options
    4) approved shipping methods
    5) approve your shipping methods

    Add every form of shipping method to the right side that you might implement in your shipping. This is important, because if these are missing, the system won't know to charge the different amounts you charge by tier to different customers based on their locations.

    E. Suggested also:
    1. In Shopping Cart Settings / Advanced Settings / Receipt Page Customization:
    Set the As Reply-To For Email Notifications to [email protected] to avoid your invoices being filtered out as SPAM by the recipient's email provider.


    Please contact me via PM for the best deal on cartmanager. I am an authorized reseller and will get credit when you sign up. I can get you a free 14 day trial as well.
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    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support

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    Using cartmanager as a double invoicing for Ebay buyers

    Even if you do integrate your merchant account directly into EBay Checkout
    Integrating your NON-PayPal credit card processor DIRECTLY into Ebay checkout - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    cartmanager is still recommended for several reasons:

    1. Because buyers are so used to paying with PayPal, you really need to hammer home to them the fact that they need to pay you. Even if you integrate into Ebay Checkout such that your buyers receive an Ebay Checkout invoice at auctions' close, with cartmanager, you may set it up so that they receive additionally, a cartmanager invoice.
    2. For reasons that are unknown, Ebay Checkout sometimes messes up the payment process such that buyers, especially ones outside of the U.S., are UNABLE to pay you via Ebay Checkout. For those buyers, for unknown reasons, the cartmanager invoice works, and the EBay Checkout does not. Therefore cartmanager provides cheap insurance to make certain that you get paid.
    3. Cartmanager is useful for integrating a shopping cart into your own website – far superior to the crappy “PayPal buttons” you might have used in the past. In the long run, you want to build a business on a website and not be so dependent on Ebay.
    4. Cartmanager may be used to invoice directly clients. The emailed invoice you received when you paid for Modee tech support, came via cartmanager. Just a few clicks, and a custom invoice for any amount is emailed to buyer without first having to create any sort of account for the buyer.
    5. Cartmanager allows buyers to purchase without creating any sort of account. This is the number one complaint about PayPal – that it is biased towards steering online buyers towards creating an account with them. PayPal may be the #1 payment processor for EBay purchases – but then, this is because Ebay OWNS PayPal and wishes to cram its profitable payment processor down Ebayers’ throats. Outside the closed universe of Ebay, PayPal is decidedly NOT in favor.

    Once you set cartmanager up as noted, it will invoice automatically all your EBay auction winners with a second, direct emailed invoice, in addition to the Ebay Checkout invoice they will receive. And then, to remind buyers to pay, or for those buyers for whom EBay checkout is simply failing, go to your cartmanager account and click to have a direct cartmanager invoice emailed to any winning Ebayer who has not yet paid you.

    Cartmanager login
    Extra features / Ebay auctions
    Check Item Status / Resend Payment Instructions
    and then just look for or enter the EBay auction number, and click to have cartmanager invoice re-sent. Simple!
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    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      To be honest, I tried the Method with Cartmanager + Paypal different from the one already linked to the account that I was testing, but among 10 transactions, no one ever paid with Cartmanager !

      I have disabled USE CHECKOUT in Site Preferences and still they were going directly to Pay straight with Paypal !

      I used similar Email Templates to ones that you provided as well !

      Dont know what the problem is ?


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        That's a different issue - now, this thread is about using cartmanager on top of an eBay authorized for merchant account only status. In that situation there is no paypal offered to buyers and the cartmanager remains useful.

        Still, for some who have no paypal at their disposal other than, say, one created in the name of someone banned from eBay, cartmanager becomes essential to keeping the eBay banned paypal at arm's length. In other words, let's say you have an eBay + PayPal combo and the eBay is suspended. Well, now the paypal left standing may never be used directly with any eBay or else that eBay too will go down. Or, say you somehow acquired an eBay but not the connected paypal. In that situation if you try to attach a PayPal created in some different account owner name to that eBay, you may end up losing the eBay due to the account owner mismatch - you are not allowed to link just any paypal to your eBay - it must be your paypal created in your name. Well, in these two situations you may use cartmanager to connect a paypal that eBay would not normally accept to the eBay.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support