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Getting paid with Google Checkout, using cartmanager

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  • Getting paid with Google Checkout, using cartmanager

    I have NO trouble using Google Checkout + cartmanager for ALL items on my EBAY account that is authorized for merchant account only.
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    First of all, the below advice is for an EBAY account that has been approved for merchant account ONLY (No PayPal) status.

    What I do to get paid is

    1. I embed in all my Ebay auction listings the cartmanager payment button,
    (TO CREATE: log into your cartmanager account, click under Additional Options on Extra Features/eBay Auctions and then eBay "Winning Bidder" button code)
    and instructions on the need to just click here to pay. I clearly include the fact that I do NOT accept PayPal, and that the buyer is still protected 100% by all terms of his credit card.

    2. I have a page I have created on my own website somewhere, that includes this payment button as well.

    3. Be sure to turn EBAY checkout OFF.

    4. At auction's close, cartmanager automatically emails each EBAY auction winner with an invoice. (To check to see that this is being done, log into your cartmanager account, then click:
    Additional options/Extra Features/eBay auctions/Check Item Status / Resend Payment Instructions you may enter the item # (or click on the blue URL for that item #) and have the invoice re-sent.) To test the system, you may also enter your own email address and have the invoice sent to yourself.

    5. I also email some buyers, who have not paid right away to explain to them that they have three identical options to pay the cartmanager invoice:
    a. Pay via emailed invoice (you can also log into your cartmanager account anytime and re-send the invoice).
    b. They can go to the actual EBAY auction and click on the Winning Buyer Checkout Here button.
    c. They can go to my website and click to pay with the same button.

    My email to the customer also explains that my checkout has NOTHING to do with Ebay's checkout, and that nothing sent to them by EBAY will include any method to pay me.

    Now, if your cartmanager is linked to your PayPal account
    Cartmanager + Googlecheckout, Cartmanager + PayPal - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    then you would of course modify the above explanation slightly, since you would in fact accept PayPal, but not via the Ebay checkout.

    The above is an outline of a suggested manner to integrate cartmanager into your EBAY auctions. It is even easier to integrate these cartmanager payment buttons into your own website.

    Contact me for tech support to get down to finely tuned details if the above does not suffice.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      I had one customer this morning that's too anal about paying only ebay approved merchant accounts. She said that she wont be paying unless she is using a checkout option by ebay. But the other 43 buyers paid with no problem at all.

      She left me a negative feedback and refused to cancel the sale thus making me pay for the fees, thinking that I will pay them., such a dou***ba*. Anyways I will be making a new account I guess


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        When I have buyers balk at not being allowed to pay through paypal, I always email them and tell them that this is in no way an off ebay transaction. That I have an eBay approved merchant account. I explain that not everyone is approved for a MA, that ebay asks for financials, personal information. blah blah blah - Once I explain that this is ebay approved, I've never lost a sale . I was questioned once about using google checkout and told the buyer I was grandfathered in. When I was accepted into the "Merchant Account Program" google was allowed. Trust me, it saves your sales.


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          Right, in other words explain that any bum may sell on EBAY with PayPal - only a few chosen elite that are heavily screened are allowed to sell with merchant account only status.
          Please read the forum rules before you post.

          And if you need extra help:
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            How do I get an approved merchant acct?


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              It's very difficult to get approved to use a merchant account on ebay. You'll need Modee's tech support if you want to get approved in the first try.
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