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National BankCard - may be integrated directly into Ebay checkout

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  • RageRat
    a bit late

    It's a bit late to help much on it but might help someone else, I just finished getting my setup on bought account. After doing all the listing info it popped up about signing up for a gateway provider etc, but tucked into the middle of the message was a line about getting with customer service to "finalize" the setup. I nerved about it for a couple days and collected all my "info" that they might want, but was able to talk nice to her and she set it right up, no info needed.......I really believe I got lucky, but hey, after 2 months down I'm back in the game somewhat.....Now to get at least another account set for the inevitable.

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  • freeballin
    have not been able to integrate my gateway from into ebay

    Have been trying to integrate my merchant account from with ebay checkout,entered all the info ebays system says its working and verified but im unable to list my items.The ebay account is a new one,have a lot of time and money invested in this already please help.

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  • Modee
    National BankCard - the preferred credit card processor for Ebay accounts

    PM me for more details on why National BankCard words ideally with Ebay - any Ebay account, whether created in your own name or Stealth! . I can refer you to the right person there to make certain your application is approved and your account set up properly for use with Ebay.

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  • National BankCard - may be integrated directly into Ebay checkout

    Given that Google Checkout is shut down
    Google Checkout shutting down November 20, 2013 - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    I had to search for an alternative credit card processor, both for my Ebay accounts that are approved for merchant account only status, and for sale of some items on a few of my websites, not to mention for billing Modee tech support clients.

    PayPal is not a very good option - I do use it for some of my websites and a couple of my Ebay accounts, but PayPal is not very friendly, for one thing, towards charges for services (intangible goods).

    Also, as noted here:
    Comparing Google Checkout and PayPal - entering tracking #s and other comparisons - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited

    one big problem with PayPal is that you never know where you stand with them with card processing - even payments that are approved may be reversed a few hours or days later, even reversed after the money lands in your bank account - sua sponte by PayPal itself - not due to any action by the card holder!

    After some research, I applied for and obtained a National BankCard processing account, along with as my gateway (you may integrate this Nation BankCard + DIRECTLY into Ebay checkout, or connect to Ebay or your own websites via cartmanager). This is working great for all my processing needs.

    There is a TECHNIQUE to getting approved by these guys. Do NOT simply click and fill out an online application for National BankCard (or any credit card processor) before consulting me. The difference between approval and disapproval will often just be the way you package your application.

    I now have a direct in to National BankCard and can refer you to the specific person there who will make certain you get approved.

    The bottom line is that with National BankCard you may integrate your processor DIRECTLY into Ebay Checkout so that your buyers pay you EASILY and get all the benefit of the Ebay Money Back Guarantee
    Ebay Buyer Protection - now called Ebay Money Back Guarantee - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    which makes your PayPal brainwashed buyers much more willing to pay you with a merchant account.

    TO GET THIS DONE, and done RIGHT contact me for tech support. Kick those PayPal chains loose!