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E cheque.. It is safe or not? E-check Electronic check

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  • E cheque.. It is safe or not? E-check Electronic check

    Dear everyone..
    I am quite newbie in ebay industry.. i have a case.. Somebody message me to update the item's quantity to 2 units and I did change it to 2 quantities available. Then, he bought 2 of them and made payment via e-cheques for 2 quantities. As i stated on listing, i do only accept Paypal. Is that safe or not?
    Im wondering if he gets the item and claim to the bank that he does not receive item or whatever method to get his money back and run away with my product sold to him?

    Looking forward for helps..
    Thank you..

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    E cheque.. It is safe or not ( Update )

    Sorry, forgot to mention.. Im selling on Ebay Australia..


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      E cheque.. It is safe or not

      Hi there
      an echeque is safe when it CLEARS. that means you do not ship before you get a note from paypal that is has cleared and you can ship now. from that moment on it is safe.
      On the other hand if YOU send an echque and paypal shuts you down after you did sent it, YOU WILL LOOSE IT to paypal


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        what is e-check?


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          Electronic checks are merely electronic versions of paper checks. The buyer provides

          Your bank routing number
          Your bank account number (typically a checking account)
          The name on your bank account

          and then the processor or vendor is able to obtain the funds from the buyer electronically, via ACH (Automated Clearing House) or the like. It is similar to Bill Pay on your online checking accounts.

          With PayPal, when a buyer pays with e-check you must wait for it to clear before shipping.
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          And if you need extra help:
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