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Registered agent SSN number, does it have to match stealth info?

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  • Registered agent SSN number, does it have to match stealth info?

    MY question is if I have name "David Smith" would they need ID as well as the SSN of the registered agent listed on the S-Corp. Would they go as far as needing the info I registered on ebay with (stealth) ALONG WITH the info of the registered agent I chose for filing the corp?(registered agent would be a real address and person of course)

    Also I keep hearing I can make unlimited EIN numbers free. I plan on paying taxes for every dime I make, but for those accounts if I just want to use an EIN with no real business and a stealth name on ebay do I nee d to do any filing with that EIN if I stay below 20K? Just to make the account look stronger for verification?

    I truly appreciate the responses. I serched for hours upon hours but my questions aer every specific (especially the first paragraph below) and even the CPAs cannot help because they do not understand stealth or ebay and I cannot explain certain things because I believe it would be unwise.

    I lost an account with 111,000+ transactions, 13K+ feedback at over 98% (still has a working paypal but ebay is a permanent ban for sales not purchases) and am really trying to make many accounts spread inventory out. No counterfeit stuff.

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    Anybody? Please


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      Lot of misinformation out there. No, an individual may not create more than one TIN for himself. An EIN is attached to an entity, such as a corporation, and yes, if you create for example multiple corporations then yes you may have multiple EINs but the cost including the maintenance cost in most states adds up.

      This is a complex area and if you do not know what you are doing you will either end up in trouble or waste money.

      What you really need, is the Short List and then perhaps an advanced tech support on your specific topic.
      Please read the forum rules before you post.

      And if you need extra help:
      Modee Tech Support