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  • Modee
    ECG now charges 0.99 per month for the entire account (no matter how many incoming toll free numbers / outgoing lines you have), plus a $2.99 "Regulatory Recovery Fee." This Regulatory Recovery Fee seems inescapable, and I notice something like it on all my phone bills - whether it is under that name or called a Federal Universal Service fee, or merged (and therefore hidden) into the total charges. The government seems to always have its hand out, but who knows whether all of this actually gets to the government.

    I do believe that ECG still has the best deal for toll free lines. I maintain four different incoming toll free numbers and my bills average just five dollars a month, as I don't get too many calls on my toll free numbers, but it is still nice to maintain them.

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  • Modee
    Turns out I had a better solution right under my nose. One of my landlines has had ECG as its long distance provider for some time.
    Enhanced Communications Group - Products - Long Distance Phone Service

    I contacted them and they added my toll free numbers to my existing account with no additional monthly fees (I pay $1.59 per month for the entire account), and incoming rates of 0.025 for interstate, and 0.039 for intrastate (California). Although the per minute intrastate is a tad higher than with, the lack of any monthly per toll free line charge makes ECG a better deal.

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  • Toll free numbers - 800 #s - least expensive service - lowest monthly fee

    I have several toll free numbers I use for different businesses. The carrier I've been with started charging $9.95 per line per month earlier this year such that my monthly bill jumped. Their monthly fees jumped too to 9 or 10 cents a minute respectively for intraLATA and Intrastate, and a whopping 24 cents a minute for Interstate.

    I have been Googling
    800 number no monthly fee
    and come up with a variety of options. One thing I discovered is that a lot of the different companies listed are actually the same company - email or call one, and you end up talking to the same outfit just listed under a slightly different name.

    The best I've found so far is:
    NumbersNow - Vanity Phone Numbers
    (they maintain multiple sites - all the same company).

    They charge 0.98 per month, for your entire account, plus 0.79 per toll free line. Their incoming rates depend on what kind of line the 800 #s terminate at - if they terminate at a regular landline, such as from AT & T, the incoming rate in California is 2.7 cents interstate and 2.8 cents per minute intrastate.

    If the terminating line is a voicemail, such as Google Voice, the incoming rate is 3.1 cents interstate and 3.5 cents intrastate.

    I didn't know it made any difference what kind of line a toll free terminated at, but apparently it does, at least for this company.

    Also they charge a $35. one time fee to transfer your existing toll free numbers to them.

    So far this is the best I have found. Although many of the others (including this one ) purport to have no monthly fee, upon closer examination or a phone call they all do have some fees.

    Anyone else have toll free numbers? What carrier?