We Ebay sellers dread Buyer Protection Claims. Often these are the result of unscrupulous buyers claiming non-receipt, such as on International First Class Parcel where there is no tracking
First Class Mail international shipments - cannot insure, and cannot always confirm delivery - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
and we sellers cannot prove delivery.

However, there is a technique outlined in tech support where you can ding your buyer enough - a little at a time - until the buyer protection claim, even ones that are many months old, are reversed in YOUR favor. It doesn't matter if your buyer did anything wrong or not - with this technique over time you can have the buyer's reputation destroyed sufficiently to have all claims ruled in your favor. This includes claims that were initially decided against you the seller.

This technique is outlined in the Short List on new account creation.

This is the email you will receive when you achieve success with this simple technique.
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