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HELP with Paypal account linking to ebay stealth

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  • HELP with Paypal account linking to ebay stealth

    I have 1 paypal account had for years no problems with it. My ebay got restricted from selling indefinitely.
    Can i create a second paypal with my same name and address and link it to my EBAY Stealth account?

    Or can i not use my same name and address on new paypal as then Ebay will link it to my old suspended ebay account from the past?

    Please help?

    Thank you so much.

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    Of course you may never reuse that name or address unless you wish to be linked back. Not only that, but you are allowed only ONE business or premier PayPal anyway.

    You need the Short List to learn how to create accounts properly.
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    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      Thank you for the reply,

      I thought cos my paypal account is okay but because it was link to my restricted ebay account i cannot use that one again.

      But a new paypal account i could link to a new ebay? I wanted to use the same name and address because then i can get it verified to lift limits.
      I know you have 1 paypal premier and 1 personal account.So was going to change current paypal to personal then create a new paypal premier account.

      So this paypal would have not been linked to any ebay account before, so could i use my name and address otheriwse i would be unable to get it verified and shipping items with wrong return address, also when it hits the tax limit and you have to confirm and when comes to paying taxes etc?

      This is why was hoping to use my real info to attach to my ebay stealth?

      Hope that made sense.

      Any info would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you so much
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        What I wrote above was quite clear. You're just making this harder than it is. You must start fresh, end of story. If you link any PayPal that uses a name associated with a banned Ebay, with this other Ebay you will destroy both. You're lucky you even HAVE a PayPal account - many who are banned from Ebay are also banned from PayPal at the same time. But when you are banned from Ebay, it is your IDENTITY that is banned, not just your one account.

        How can you connect a PayPal that has absolutely nothing to do with a given Ebay to it anyway? If that were allowed, then people would be mixing and matching Ebays and PayPals right and left. The NAME on the Ebay must match the NAME on the PayPal; indeed the PayPal information is used to verify the EBay, and vice versa.

        Your questions stem from a misunderstanding about how Ebay works, which lends me to believe your Ebay "stealth" is improperly created to begin with. I suggest getting the Short List and learning how to create accounts PROPERLY, if you sell any kind of decent volume with Ebay. If Ebay is just a hobby, then you may go on experimenting but don't destroy your status with PayPal in the process!
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support