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Has anyone had any success with hiring trading assistants? People to sell for you?

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  • Has anyone had any success with hiring trading assistants? People to sell for you?

    I am new to this forum and must thank everyone for their insightful comments. I posted on craigslist seeking people to work for me and list my auctions. This way, I can always have working accounts with multiple sellers. They obviously would not know my suspended status. Although they would take a 20% cut from my sales, this might be a workable option in my business. Has anyone had anyone had any success with this matter?

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    I'm a firm believer in indentured servants.

    I also heard about how in China you can hire educated officer workers with master's degrees for a few hundred dollars a month. So probably an assistant type worker would be a hundred a month!

    Those two possibilities aside, since a lot of the work I do is home-based, I'm not too keen about letting people I don't know well into my house. I do have a pretty large certain room where I can lock the sliding glass door between it and the rest of the house, where I let someone work on packaging my goods, but this is someone I know and trust.

    Now what you are talking about is not so much people to help you do the grunt work, but people to sell your goods for you. Doesn't seem to be all so different from say, those "I Sold it On Ebay" stores you still see in some strip malls where you take your goods to them and they sell for you.

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    Or check out something like

    An aside comment: the advent of the computer, scanner, FAX machine and different kinds of printers, including label makers, increases the potential of the one man show. Add a digital scale that can be connected to your computer if you like, and you're equipped for about anything. One person can do a whole lot more than say twenty-five years ago, that's for sure.

    I mean, there is no need to even print letterheads anymore - a good printer and computer handles all that and integrates your letterhead into the letter. Hell, there is rarely any need to even write a letter on a letterhead - a lot of what we do these days is email.
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