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Buying a new Ebay account.

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  • Buying a new Ebay account.

    Hello all,
    I have gotten suspended for slow delivery awhile back even tho it was stated on my auctions it takes up to 2 weeks because I travel for my job. At the top of the auctions it even stated it there as well the delivery date. People do not know how to read a majority of them and left low stars in the delivery time. I would like to know how people get them reinstated? I have called numerous times.

    If I have to buy an Ebay account off of here how does it work specifically? I do not see anywhere it being explained in full details? Wouldn't I have to make a bank account in my name to get the money deposited to me. Therefor they would see my name on the account and it would be suspended? Can someone please explain it all to me, how it works to not get suspended again?


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    Supposedly(according to my bank, CompassBank, they only thing they will share is routing# and account#. I bought account from Tim and have a question into him. Tried funding paypal from bank accnt and paypal wants SS# and birthdate used to open the paypal account....Will post it as well when I get it figured out. Other than that Tim's accnt's have been working fine for me, I let it age abit, and slowly building feedback.


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      Ok thanks, any info would be great. Just do not understand how I will be able to get paid from someone elses Ebay account. My bank account would have to be linked to paypal and then they would know who i was i would think.


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        It happens. We may address all this with tech support.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support