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Suspended a day after seller shipped my item; stuck "In TRANSIT"; what now?

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  • Suspended a day after seller shipped my item; stuck "In TRANSIT"; what now?

    Hey everyone. Ive been suspended from eBay since 2004(selling Runescape items; which apparently isn't against policy Anymore). I've created numerous accounts since to buy. Never really had a problem buying until last week. I registered two weeks ago and completed one transaction no problem.

    the second one is where things get weird. I won and paid for it on the 17th. On the 18th I get a message it was shipped. 12 hours later, I get a suspension notice. No problem I thought, I'm done with what I wanted to do, I'll just watch the tracking# and [email protected]

    Well, on the 19th, Friday night, I got my last update(its now the 25th). "In Transit to Destination."

    The est delivery date got 4 days added to it(22nd to the 26th), and that makes me feel like it may be being DELIVERY INTERCEPTed by USPS and being Returned to Sender. The updated delivery date only appears on the MyEbay page - it still says the 22nd(impossible without a time machine), so it seems like USPS doesn't want All Parties Involved to know exactly what's going on.

    any and all help or input is appreciated. Thanks

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    If the seller received his payment he's going to want to deliver. USPS is not going to interfere with tracking, it's not like this is a drug parcel being intercepted by the authorities, it's just a normal shipment. But the larger issue is that Guest Checkout is not a viable long term solution. You need tech support and the Short List to get back into the eBay game.
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