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How long my Ebay suspension lasts? - suspended for selling VERO item

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  • How long my Ebay suspension lasts? - suspended for selling VERO item

    My account is now blocked. And I'm not registered user anymore.

    ''Your account has been suspended for the following reason:

    Selling Violation-Miscategorization - Digitally Delivered Goods

    You will need to agree to list these items in the proper category. Please be advised that listings that contain content that can be digitally downloaded or transferred must be listed in the Classified Ad Format and in the Everything Else > Information Products category.

    During the period of suspension, you can't use eBay or in any way, including registering a new account or using an additional existing account. If you owe any fees, they will be charged to the billing method you have on file.''

    I tried to sell invite and my account got suspended, how long suspension will last??

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    If they didn't give you a timeframe in the suspension email from ebay then it's permanently suspended.
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      call them up and ask? send a email? ....dont just wait and hope it gets unblocked. talk to people in trust & safety and see what they can do for you. hope that helps.
      eBay is my lifeline... end of discussion.


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        Most of the times these suspensions are permanent unless you take action. You need tech support to address the issue.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support