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Quick Question about attaching bank accounts and credit cards to PayPal account

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  • Quick Question about attaching bank accounts and credit cards to PayPal account

    Hi, if i change my account details ie sort code and account number, but they are still registered at the same address, can i use a different address as my ebay and paypal address with those bank details that are registered at a different address or so they need to match? The same with a debit card. Hope that make sense!

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    Your debit card that you register with your paypal and ebay must match your name and address for verification purposes from what i know in the u.k. . There are ways around that, but you will have to PM Modee for tech support as only he can give out the imformation to you, your bank account must match your name only, it works for me all the time, so if you register a business account your bank account must match the name of the owner of the business
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      I thought as much, thanks


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        bankaccount and addresses

        Hi there
        I noticed that it works with bank accounts, when you have a different address. with creditcards no way! it has to match exactly as signed up on the creditcard, in canada anyway


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          If I understand your question, as far as bank accounts, it's all just numbers, there is no address verification match being used.

          As far as attaching a credit card to PayPal, well, naturally the address on it is used to verify the account so of course it's billing information must match whatever address you are attempting to verify/confirm.
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