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Paypal and buyer scammed me. Pls help

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  • Paypal and buyer scammed me. Pls help

    I am honestly heartbroken by the way Paypal scammed me. I need help. I am really crying in tears.

    One buyer through a known website asked me to meet her up and buy $7000 worth of goods. I did meet up with her and she said she's paying via Paypal. She payed me prior to meeting me and I met her up and handed her the purses., she saud shes paying via paypal because she didn't have cash and wanted to pay via cc linked to her Paypal.

    Ok. So I went on with my life, withdrew 2300 from Paypal to my bank account (mine , real bank, real name, real everything) and had $5000 plus in my Paypal balance.

    Then the worst thing happened--- she F'ing filed a non receipt. I'm all new to this, I never knew that without a tracking I can be screwed this way. And now this lady is saying she never got anything.

    Paypal withdrew the 2300 back from my bank but since I got cash from it mybank account is negative. Imagine!!!!!! So now, my account is limited and have 4 open cases. They reversed the withdrawal so my bank is negative.

    Pls if anyone knows anything on how to go about this, I'd really appreciate it if you enlighten me. I am not a scammer. I own that money. I have a sick daughter who has heart problems (exactly why I was selling most of my purses) and I believe in karma. All I want is for Paypal to release my funds and to get the money I deserve. Pls pls pls.

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    You may contact me for tech support - I may be able to help you.

    But for future reference, NEVER sell anything via PayPal (or any other credit card processor) mail order unless you ship something with either delivery or signature confirmation, to the AVS confirmed billing address of the card holder. Details of how to do this for the sort of transaction you did are in the Short List and other Modee tech support documents.

    In case you are not clear on what mail order is - unless you have a plastic credit card in your hands to swipe or enter (and can PROVE that the card was physically present), AND you do the transaction as a point of sale transaction where the purchaser is physically present and signs for the transaction, then your transaction will be considered mail order or the electronic transfer equivalent.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support