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My two Paypal Accounts have been linked and are limited - I owe £900 on one of them

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  • My two Paypal Accounts have been linked and are limited - I owe £900 on one of them

    HI there.

    I have two paypal accounts one for business and one for personal. A few years ago I purchased something from a private buyer. I transferred money from my account to paypal and straight to the buyer.

    It was for around £900.

    The account then went into negative equity of the same price as the item. The item turned up at my house. I tried contacting paypal who said I owed them£900 for the item.

    If I'm honest I didnt contact them again after that. Stupid of me but I buried my head in the sand and used my other paypal account.

    They have now 2 years on blocked my business account as they have linked it to the other account.

    what is the best thing I can do. I am pretty sure I cannot set up another paypal and cannot afford the £900

    Many Thanks

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    Probably the best solution is this situation is to create a new untraceable/unlinkable PayPal account. Contact me for tech support. You'll need the Short List.

    Alternatively, I can help you get your two PayPal de-limited, but ideally within that process you will want to pay the 900 quid. We may of course be able to bypass that payment and still get your accounts back, but then we would have three roadblocks (PayPal #1, PayPal #2, AND the alleged money owed) to overcome instead of just two.
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    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support