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PayPal CLOSED my account with any prior notice or explanation

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  • PayPal CLOSED my account with any prior notice or explanation


    I just received an email from paypal, regarding my stealth paypal account, that the account is closed.

    I tried contacting them on phone and they give no explanation of any kind.

    Account was linked with ebay co uk for selling and was more than 9 months old.

    Is there any chance I can restore it or it is game over for this account?
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    Contact me via PM, yes of course it is possible to de-limit your PayPal. It is usual that they give no explanation and that is part of the strategy that we use to get the account back.
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    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      They didn't close it for no reason. This is a general canned response they provide in a variety of scenarios where basically they consider you are a higher risk than they can afford to take. Perhaps you were engaging in some activity that they deemed risky or at a higher chance of receiving chargebacks or likely to be some kind of illegal activity.


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        hi , i have same problem can i withdraw my money from it ?


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          PM me for tech support.