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PhotoShop Vs. Paint

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  • PhotoShop Vs. Paint

    I hear people talk about Photoshop like it's the Holy Grail. But I prefer MS Paint! It's simple and when you're trying to cut things around that just becomes so awkward on PS. I wish there was a simple Paint-like thing for Mac, all the copies on the App Store leave their watermark behind.

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    Photoshop is more powerful in all respects, but of course only if you know how to use it and I agree it can be tricky. The only additional I recommend is Graphic Converter because of simplified file resizing by both image and file size. Anyway, MSFT Paint is a no go for OSX.
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      The best one is movavi photo editor
      it is very simple to use and has a lot of good features.


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        And what do you think about Photoscape editor? It is also really simple to use and the most intuitive photo editor software i ever tried


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          but once you learn all about the photoshop, it's much better than ms-paint. Photoshop has so many features and complicated UI compared to ms-paint.
          for basic works, ms-paint is fine as it doesn't need any special knowledge to use it.


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            MS Paint is free from errors. if any system fails issue is there of any other apart from this. There are chances of getting an error if the system is crashed while using Photoshop as it used more RAM. Photoshop has lots of brush tools in it, and even if we want, we can make our own. if we look at the features and possibilities, photoshop is far better, but require a good knowledge of its features & how to use them. ‚Äč