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  • eBay Australia phone verification

    Since most australians are asking this all over the internet, I am posting this here under "eBay Australia" instead of the main "phone verification" sub-forum. Everyone knows US and western Europe (mainly UK and Germany) requires phone verification and asia doesnt. But we all forget Australia, which has a thriving marketplace.

    Phone verification is required in AU ebay on ALL new accounts (and sometimes they re-verify u months later with an ip change)....and it has to be Land wont do...

    but there r many ways to get around this like getting a virtual number, which r discussed under the aforementioned sub-forum.

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    Yes there are ways around this, apart from using family / friends landline, if you signup at the local library just use thier phone and let the staff know you are expecting a verification call. Depending on the staff, its all good.
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      Use number new zeland