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Is paypal required for Canadian eBay users

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  • Is paypal required for Canadian eBay users

    Having already had one eBay business destroyed by paypal, I will never use them again. However, I would like to get back on eBay both to buy and sell. Am I required to open another paypal account? Because I'll never do that.

    I know eBay has recently been forced by an Australian court to end mandatory use of paypal there and in New Zealand.

    To buy I would use a credit card. To sell, I would register a corporation and sign up for a merchant account. Can I do this? Or is there no way around paypal.

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    Selling and Paypal in Canada

    Hi there
    if you want to buy you will have a hard time to pay via creditcard (I noticed). if you want to sell from Canada mostly you will have a merchant account in the states. ebay will ask for a copy of the merchant account statement and telephone number to call you. they never accepted it. they want paypal. you can sign up for the fees with a creditcard. if you want to pay via creditcard you have to link it to your paypal account as most of the sellers on ebay to not have a merchant account linked (that is only my experience though!).


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      It's not easy to get ebay to accept a merchant account as the sole means of receiving payments. I suggest to use paypal and start selling slowly.

      As far as making payments for fees: use the one time payment method. No need to link the accounts.
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        I have developed though a new technique that allows you to use a merchant account on Ebay without even getting it approved by Ebay! This technique works even for brand new Ebay accounts, and works with the combination of Google Checkout + cartmanager. Most anyone can be approved for Google Checkout.

        In any case PayPal is NOT mandatory for Ebay sales in Canada
        Accepted payments policy

        your may also get a merchant account and have it approved by Ebay. I provide a special tech support on getting a merchant account and having it approved by Ebay.
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          Newest techniques to connect your merchant account to Ebay

          These newest techniques allow you to connect your merchant account to your Ebay WITHOUT revealing your identity. That way, even if you have been banned off Ebay you may use a merchant account created in your OWN name with a new Ebay, even with a new Short List created stealth Ebay.

          Integrating your NON-PayPal credit card processor DIRECTLY into Ebay checkout - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
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