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Ebay/Paypal new company account for store

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  • Ebay/Paypal new company account for store

    Question about new account in UK Ebay/Paypal, but with a business company
    documents, to open ebay store, so no personal account. Then the rules of
    30days waiting and 10 score purchases to start, is still valid? or as company can start to sell inmediatly.

    Can use a office where they reply phone calls for me if any verification code goes by phone. this is ok?
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    It is best to wait 30 days before you start using any new EBAY account for SELLING. You may start buying before that, and in doing so, build up some feedback. But yes, also best to wait until ten feedback before you start selling anything valuable or high risk. Once the 30 days are up, even if you do not have ten feedback, it's okay to start selling some low risk or inexpensive items.

    Remember that feedback related to what you sell is what counts, not just random phony feedback that bears no relation to what you really do.
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    The UK phone verification techniques are best left to tech support. PayPal UK is constantly setting up new roadblocks there.
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