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  • Domaining buying and selling domains

    This is another way to make money - buying and selling domains. I acquired a huge portfolio of domains end of last year, pretty much for nothing, and have been sell sell selling like gangbusters. I have a lot of very valuable domains, many four letters dot coms, even some three letters, brand names. I've sold domains so far with the lowest price being around $1000. and the highest around $7000. There is of course a annual cost to maintaining all these domains! which you need to pay monthly as expirations come up, but I've managed to stay way ahead with far more in than outflows.

    I get a lot of ridiculous offers but I won't sell cheap. I treat all inquirers politely with respect even though it tries my patience when someone is trying to buy a $3000. domain for a hundred bucks.

    You may use tools such as namebio, buydomains, shortnames etc. to check comparable sales.

    To pick up new domains you check lists of expired and dropped domains. There are many places to sell, Dynadot, Uniregistry, Afternic, Sedo, Flippa, domainagents, efty, also directly via your own landing page for people who land on your domains. I also collect PPC from people who click on parked page links. On these parked pages are the For Sale links that take potential buyers to my landing page.
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