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Sell your established, older Ebay and PayPal accounts at Modeeworld

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  • Sell your established, older Ebay and PayPal accounts at Modeeworld

    If you have older, established Ebay and PayPal accounts - created in your own name (not Stealth) - contact me immediately because I am able to broker the sale of your accounts and get maximum exposure.

    People know and trust me, which is why I am able to sell accounts here. I have never seen an individual sale work out for people who try to sell the accounts themselves – either the buyer or the seller ends up dissatisfied and come after each other in some way. I never have those problems here at Modeeworld. I have been here for a long time, and am going nowhere. My reputation and continued profitability on the site are on the line when I sell accounts, so I make certain all parties remain happy.

    Send me a PM to get yourself on the right track for selling your accounts.

    Do NOT post your accounts for sale on modeeworld yourself. I screen all sellers AND their accounts before I allow sale of anything on this forum.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support

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    Modee was a tremendous help to me when I decided to sell my ebay account. I highly recommend him- very honest, competent guy! Thanks again Modee for everything!


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      Great service, everything went exactly as advertised and I'm very happy.


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        Wow, I am blown away by two things.

        1) How easy the whole process was with modee
        2) How much money I was able to get for my account - I expected less than half of what I got

        Basically, you just have to let modee know some details, and he does the rest. He will give you constant updates without you asking, and even though selling an ebay account is a gray area, I never had a shadow of a doubt that anything could go wrong.

        Modee is damn good at this and I'd highly recommend him. If you're reading this right now and on the fence about selling your account, shoot him a message; you'll be happy you did.

        Thanks again man!


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          Hi I want to buy ebay account

          Hi I want to buy ebay account can you tell me the prices and the kinds of accounts you have like how long has the account been up and the feedback and if there is any selling history


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            Want to buy ebay account

            Hello I'm looking to buy an aged ebay account. Can you please tell me what you have available. Thank You


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              Hey guys, I'd like to buy an aged eBay account too with + feedbacks. Please, help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


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                Hi modee,

                I'm very interest in buying an ebay account with 30-100 items with $3500/$5000 limit. Thank You


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                  i want buy one account,
                  seller send me your skype contact by pm, please.


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                    Im looking to buy ebay account with no limits please pm me. thank you


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                      Hi, I want buy account ebay with unlimited or high limits (more 1000-10000items )

                      please contact me, thanks


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                        how much? i want to buy older paypal+ebay account
                        please PM me


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                          I need a Aged USA Ebay account with paypal, it needs to have a minimum of 50 buyer feedbacks. Should be 2 years old



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                            I would like to buy a seasoned eBay account from you ... If the Price is right

                            I would like to buy a seasoned eBay account from you ... If the Price is right ... should come with PayPal account attached.

                            Please contact me Modee

                            Thanks - Paul


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                              I just want to say a big thanks to Modee for his assistance in selling my accounts! I couldn't imagine it going any better. He answered all my questions quickly and with authority, and even took time to contact me and advise me when he foresaw a possible glitch (which never happened anyway.) He's experienced and professional and a true pleasure to work with.

                              Thanks, Modee!