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For sale: [SOLD] 2000 created Ebay, 1289 FB, $35.1K limit + 2nd 1996 Ebay, AND PayPal

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  • For sale: [SOLD] 2000 created Ebay, 1289 FB, $35.1K limit + 2nd 1996 Ebay, AND PayPal

    Ebay - United States Accounts
    Ebay #1
    Although these are US accounts, the country may be changed to any country.
    Created Feb 2000
    1289 feedback (all positive except for a couple neutral and one negative feedback from a couple years ago and older, so will not count in ratings)
    Latest feedback all within last six months.

    Item as described: ---
    Communication: 4.9
    Shipping Time: 5.0
    Shipping and Handling charges: 4.9

    $35,150. / 3298 item monthly sales limit

    Two 7-day VERO suspensions on the account in the past, both addressed and no longer issues.
    Account was used to sell mostly surplus electronics and video games (Best Buy returns). The most recent sale was from August 2014, sandbags for video production gear.
    Total sales on account to date: over $42,000.

    PayPal - Business - United States account
    Over ten years old
    Fully Verified and confirmed with legitimate social security number attached. (Buyer will change the business name on this PayPal and add an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the buyer's business.)
    No PayPal limits.
    This PayPal MATCHES the name and information in the two Ebays - naturally, as they were all created by and belong to the same creator.

    This comes with a second Ebay account created by the owner also in his own name, which currently has NO limit, but will probably have a limit imposed by Ebay when sales are re-commenced:

    Ebay #2
    Created March 1996 (VERY OLD EBAY ACCOUNT - one of the originals from the EARLIEST days of Ebay!)
    1816 feedback (0% since no recent sales) - three negatives and two neutrals from January 2013 or earlier - since those five feedback are so old will not count in feedback when this account is used for more sales.
    Currently NO sales limit.
    Most recent sale on this second Ebay was in March 2013, and this account was used mostly to sell video games in tandem with the first Ebay.

    The business PayPal above may be used with both Ebays.

    Rare opportunity to own established US Ebay and PayPal accounts together. These are all genuine, legitimate accounts created by the owner for the owner's own use, in the owner's name - these are not a stealth accounts. This owner is DONE with Ebay and PayPal and will no longer be on Ebay or PayPal at all - you will be assuming control of this person's identity for purposes of Ebay and PayPal for a lifetime. That is priceless. If you cannot understand how priceless that is, then these accounts are not for you.

    At present the primary Ebay account has a $35,150. / 3298 items monthly selling limit. Depending on what you sell, and whether it is deemed high risk by Ebay, a different selling or quantity limit, such as a quantity limit on certain categories of goods, may be imposed in the future. This means that based on how you treat the account, and what you sell, the limit could change. This is just the reality of Ebay.

    Since this account has sold goods, at decent (NOT penny ante) prices, this account should be good for sale of about anything. If you treat it properly there is no question that the selling limits will be increased!

    As always, there are no guarantees that any accounts will remain up upon your use of the accounts (this all depends on WHAT you sell) - but with Modee tech support I will be there to help you as needed. I can provide tech support to help you transition PROPERLY into the accounts. Also, since my reputation is on the line, I will not sell you any improperly created accounts, and with sales from me, you will never have to worry about being scammed by unethical sellers who sell the account to you and then try to switch it back to them.

    Modee has a strong presence on the web - I am going nowhere and my reputation means everything to my business, so I will remain here to support you after the sale.

    The beauty of these accounts is that the OWNER AND CREATOR of it is standing by to do any needed phone verifications with Ebay/PayPal that may arise as you, the buyer, transition into the accounts. This way you are ASSURED of a smooth transition.

    Another ALL IMPORTANT factor when you buy such an account as this at Modeeworld - I get an assurance from the owner/creator that he is DONE with Ebay/PayPal and that he will not create more accounts in the future, and will not retain any for himself. This is a factor that you will never find at any other place when you purchase an account, because after all - unless the seller (me, Modee) KNOWS the owner creator and can really PROVIDE that assurance, it is meaningless. THIS IS AN ALL IMPORTANT FACTOR because if you buy an account and then the owner/creator goes merrily on his way creating more accounts for himself, the end result will be disaster for you the buyer because as Ebay notices multiple accounts, selling entirely different goods being used in different parts of the world under different addresses, it will view your newly purchased account as an imposter and shut it down!

    This is why when I sell an account I get a promise from the creator that he is DONE with Ebay forever. The creator is selling his Ebays/PayPal because he is done with Ebay. I look out for you the buyer - to give you an analogy, I don't just sell you a photograph I try to make sure you get the negative too so that it is never reproduced.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support

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    testing, 123.

    Interested. What's the quote?


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      How much for this account dude!? Super interested!


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        please pm me im interested


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          Can you please let me know the selling price of of both, or just the Ebay #2?


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            are either of these still for sale?


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              These accounts are pending sale.
              Please read the forum rules before you post.

              And if you need extra help:
              Modee Tech Support


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                how much is this?


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                  PM with price if still available


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                    how much is this?


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                      What is the cost of this account?

                      Interested in buying ... if the price is right

                      Thank you


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                        Sold sold sold.
                        Please read the forum rules before you post.

                        And if you need extra help:
                        Modee Tech Support