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  • Question? about inventory/order manager

    Hello everyone.
    My name is Al.
    I've been reading a couple of boards about EB and AZ suspensions, stealth accounts.... and seems to me, that life after suspension is new and exciting and opening new opportunities, but at the same time pretty limited, due to the verification problems.
    As I understand correctly, even though, it is easy ( with Modee's help) to open new accounts, their lifetime is pretty limited.
    I've been selling on AM & EB for more then 10 years, I have a warehouse full of my stuff and in the constant fear, that at any time, my account will get suspended ( again, as it's bee several times already) for 1 reason or another and I will be majorly screwed, as I barely making month to month.
    One of my questions is, if I have 1000s of items I'm selling, I would need at least some kind of inventory software, so if 1 account gets locked, it would be easier to switch to another and would be able to handle several accounts on several platforms.
    I know a guy who is using 1 UK company, that offers that kind of service, but it's pricey and lots of little integration problems.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Of course using the Short List your accounts will stay up the maximum time possible.

    I think what you are asking is - is there some software or platform that would allow you to quickly reload your inventory to new accounts after the old ones go down. However, as you will learn in the Short List, one of the factors that they use to link you to prior accounts is similarity in goods sold and similarity in auction/for sale listings. Now, given that you must sell, whatever it is that you have to sell, you may have no discretion when it comes to relisting the exact same goods. But relisting the same goods in identical looking listings is not necessarily the best idea.

    Does this mean that if, say, an eBay goes down and you upload the identical HTML formatted auction listings to a new eBay and sell, that you will go down just because the listings are identical? No, but similarity in auction listings is one of the factors used to link you back to prior accounts. You'll just have to make a business decision as to whether it is worth the time and effort to create all new auction/listing formats every time you need to start over with new accounts.

    The Short List gets into all this in more detail, and outlines specific circumstances where this might be an issue.
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