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    Hi there, wonder if you can help me, I am an
    eBay seller in the UK who dropships a lot of items
    from Amazon. I use scraping software to
    gather items in bulk from Amazon and then
    use bulk listing software to list on eBay. I
    recently got a Vero warning on Nov 29th for
    an "Ultrasport UmovE" product which I
    promptly removed from eBay. Today, the 4th
    Jan, I received a very threatening letter pack (via
    recorded delivery) from a lawyer firm called Fladgate
    saying they are acting on behalf of a company
    called Summary AG in Germany which owns the
    brand Ultrasport. I suddenly realised that
    we had removed "Ultrasport UmovE", but had
    overlooked removing "Ultrasport" which we
    had about 80 odd listings for (and had no
    idea as they were bulk listed). The letter
    is a copyright infringment notice informing
    me that I have to remove the listings and
    also pay them 35,000 pounds in damages by
    Jan 24th!! We have not even sold any of
    these products. Please see the attached
    claim letters. Can you please help as I am
    now in major panic mode and in no position
    to pay that sum. I have made sure that all
    their brands have been removed. Your
    professional advice is much appreciated!

    Best regards,

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    I will send you a PM.
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