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Citibank DoubleCash Rewards Master Card - 2% rebate

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  • Citibank DoubleCash Rewards Master Card - 2% rebate

    This is one of the best on the market right now - pays 2% total cash rebate and may apply directly to a statement credit or obtain as cash, this beats out the 1.5% rebate of the Capital One Quicksilver.

    With the Citibank DoubleCash card, you get a 1% rebate as soon as you charge anything on the card, and an additional 1% upon paying off the balance (or, an additional 1% rebate of whatever you do pay off).

    With good credit and income you can get a very high limit such that this becomes your card of choice.

    While there are other cards that offer an up to 5% rebate in certain roving categories, this 2% rebate is for everything which makes it easy to figure.

    By the way, PayPal seems to dislike this card because it knows that it gives such a high rebate that it makes it unprofitable for them to process, so you may not be able to use it at all on any PayPal processed charge.

    No annual fee.
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