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  • seems to be a scam

    At some point in the past a tech support client recommended to me
    as a source for virtual credit cards that could be used to verify an EBAY account, even after Ebay stopped allowing gift cards for verification.

    However, early this month a more recent tech support client of mine paid about $35. for one of their cards, which should have been good not just to verify his account but also to pay fees. However, this client has received NOTHING despite repeated emails to the website. Also, apparently one of the phone numbers on their website is disconnected and the other rings and rings with no answer.

    I have been in email contact for the past two weeks with the site administrator, but he has not responded to my emails other than to ask that we put a link advertising his website on modeeworld. I don't think so!

    I DO know of OTHER gift cards, including virtual ones, that DO work to verify even a new Ebay or PayPal account, and the list of these is in the latest version of the Short List.

    For now, until this website proves itself, I am taking them OFF the list of recommended vendors.
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