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Seems like I am at the mercy of a bad buyer who left me bad feedback

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  • Seems like I am at the mercy of a bad buyer who left me bad feedback


    I just came across this site....

    I've been on ebay since 2002 and I need help with negative feedback removal...

    I've read around the forum but still not sure where to begin and what I should do next....

    Backstory, I sold a camera and the buyer paid for it.... I spent a week looking for the camera and I could not find it.

    We had just moved and it must have gotten lost.

    I emailed the buyer and told them that I could not find the camera and would be refunding their money. I then refunded their money in paypal and sent a request to cancel the auction so I could get the final value fee back....

    A few days later the buyer sends me an email saying that its ridiculous that I cant find the camera and leaves feedback and of course declines the request to cancel the auction .

    I read about the feedback system and realize I can't do anything so I was like F..... I ended up leaving a reply on my feedback so at least other buyers could see it... not sure if this was a good move??

    I said "Are you serious! I refunded your money! Your a terrible buyer & vengeful person"

    I also reported the buyer and said something along the lines of your a terrible buyer and hope no one sells to you anymore.....

    Then I called ebay figuring maybe there is a slim chance I could get it removed... nope... my fault, but then they csr said you can try to send a request to the buyer and maybe they will consider removing it..... (I didn't know this existed until they mentioned it)

    The only good thing out of that conversation with the CSR was that if the buyer asks for some compensation in the email then thats extortion and that would actually be sufficient for ebay to remove the feedback,,,,

    I was about to write a letter to the buyer but realized that I have one shot.... plus I kind of shot my self in the foot with the comment i left...

    So.... any advice on what I should I do from here on would be appreciated....

    Should I call the buyer? Email them?
    Email them and send the request at same time?
    Just send the request and write a note


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    anyone have any advice?


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      is this forum still active?

      I would appreciate some help...



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        How may we help you?
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support