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Ebay account Restricted - unpaid fees - what will happen? Collection Agency?

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    After my eBay account gets restricted from overdue seller fees...

    I have seller fees that total to about $66. I've had trouble paying that ever since my first invoice for it, so I received a second notification, still unable to pay. And 5 days after my third notification to pay those fees, I was sent an email from eBay saying my account has been restricted due to the overdue balance. So, last night (12/3) was when I received that email. I need to know how long I have to get the fees paid before eBay suspends my account.

    I have a few listings up that I added prior to my account being restricted. If a buyer bids, or uses Buy It Now on any of those items while I still have the overdue balance and my account is restricted, will the transaction work out? Will the buyer be able to successfully purchase my item, and will I be able to receive their payment?

    I obviously know if I refuse to pay, I will be suspended and turned over to collections within some months.

    Also, I sold an item prior to being restricted, and my buyer hasn't paid me yet. But he has 100% positive feedback stating he pays instantly. When a seller account is restricted, can a buyer not pay their seller for the item they bought?

    And, if it helps, here is the eBay discussion topic I made regarding this issue.
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      This is what they sent me regarding my original eBay account (restricted), prior to buying a stealth account. Is it worth paying it off since I'm unable to sell anyway?