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Ebay Resolution Fees - Reimbursement as a result of losing an EBay Buyer Dispute

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  • Ebay Resolution Fees - Reimbursement as a result of losing an EBay Buyer Dispute

    supposedly the buyer cancelled the resolution dispute, but I was still stuck ebay final decision about a 700.00 amp that was shipped and recieved with proof of delivery.

    I didn't know I had a pending case against me, and on the final day, the buyer sent me an email stating he had cancelled the dispute. I've contacted ebay about the matter via the horrible service chat on their website. Now if I don't pay, It could go into collections and affect my credit. Who polices ebay, and how to i report this to them?

    What about a lawsuit?

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    It is part of Ebay's Terms of Service
    User Agreement | eBay
    that you must have a reimbursement method on file with EBAY.

    Typically, this is a credit card or bank account that you used to open your Ebay account with. Or, it is the PayPal account that you had linked with your Ebay account.

    In most situations where a buyer initiates a dispute, it is handled by PayPal. But if you have no PayPal attached to your account, the buyer can initiate the dispute at the Ebay end, and if Ebay rules against you, you have to pay the buyer back in some way - and this includes via what you refer to as a "Resolution Fee." (A buyer may also choose to launch the dispute on the Ebay side even if he paid with PayPal.)
    Click image for larger version

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    The above is the screen that you will see if you get stuck with a Resolution Fee. It is really not so much a "fee" as reimbursement to your buyer because for whatever reason EBay ruled against you in a buyer dispute.

    You can read here more about what reimbursement means:
    Help a buyer with an item they didn’t receive | eBay

    Bottom line, there are two reasons to do everything possible not to end up in this situation, one of which is unexpected.

    1) Because Ebay, as you have noted, tends to side with Buyers. And even if you reimbursed the buyer some other way, such as by mailing a money order or credit card refund on your non-PayPal merchant account, or even if the buyer claims to have canceled the dispute, unless you can prove it to Ebay, Ebay will keep coming after you for this reimbursement.

    2) As we know, Ebay no longer allows most gift type credit cards for Ebay initial registration of accounts.
    Credit card verification in general - gift cards - for new EBAY accounts - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited

    however, Ebay DOES allow any credit card, including gift ones, for payment of Ebay fees.

    Apparently, and this is based on a client of mine whose screen you see above because he is stuck in this resolution fee process, once you get stuck in this Resolution Fee status Ebay gets VERY particular about what kind of credit card you attach - and apparently will not accept any gift cards.

    SO - you do NOT want to end up in this situation. If a buyer opens an EBAY dispute with you over an item, do what you can to resolve it, because Ebay will probably side against you AND then put your account under high scrutiny afterwards, such as requiring a real credit or bank debit card to verify your account and be used for the reimbursement.

    Also, closely monitor your account. EBay will send you lots of messages as this dispute resolution moves along. It is no excuse to say that you received no notice of this before the very end!
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    And if you need extra help:
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