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Ebay Collections Notice For Reimbursement to Pay Ebay

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  • Ebay Collections Notice For Reimbursement to Pay Ebay

    Ive set up a reimbursement account to pay Ebay on a Buyer dispute case wich I lost . But Ebay still hasnt taken the funds out my reimbursement account after nearly two weeks . The money is there but nothing is happening .

    "Our records show that you have an open and unpaid eBay Buyer Protection Resolution balance and we are unable to charge your current reimbursement payment method on file. "

    "You can use the same payment method that you have on file with eBay for Selling fees to pay this eBay Buyer Protection fee balance ."

    Ive tried to pay directly with paypal but forgot to indicate the money is for the Ebay reimbursement fees only and they applied it to my seller fees .

    I also get "Please update your reimbursement payment method" emails .When It is already updated .

    "When we refund a buyer for a case, we'll charge your preferred payment method. However, there was a problem charging the reimbursement payment method you have on file."

    When I check my reimbursement account it already is updated yet they havent taken the money owed them .Im afraid it will eventually lead to suspension etc . What am I doing wrong here ?? Have I missed something ??Any ideas what should be done ??

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    Yes for some odd reason sometimes Ebay is unable to access a credit card you have attached to the account for certain charges, such as for reimbursement. This is usually because the method is a gift card, that does not allow certain kinds of charges, such as recurring charges, to go through. No rime or reason to it - I realize that this charge to which you refer is not a recurring one, but the card may view it as such.

    I experienced this problem with Boost Mobile and Simple Mobile cellular accounts I had, that I connected to gift cards for recurring payments. For whatever reason, when I initiated the payments one at a time manually, they went through, but recurring ones never did.
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