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I was BANNED from eBay--but still have eBay fees. Now what?

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  • I was BANNED from eBay--but still have eBay fees. Now what?

    Long and short of it: I was an 11-year eBay member with 4500+ feedback, and was banned for ever.

    I still have $1,200+ in eBay fees, about $700+ are due on the first of September. I have no problems or limitations on my Paypal account at all. I have always kept it in the positive. But my Paypal account is linked to my eBay account.

    My question is, if I refuse to pay my eBay fees, on the grounds that they have ruined my business, will they try to come after me through my Paypal account?

    In other words, even if I empty my Paypal account and hte balance is zero, will they make my Paypal account negative in the amount of either the current past due amount (or the full $1,200--assuming all my fees come due upon permanent suspension)?

    If that is the case, and they put my Paypal in the negative for the full amount of my eBay fees, what will happen then? Will they attempt to charge any and all credit cards I ever used in the past, to pay for my eBay fees? I have used I believe two or three different credit cards to pay my eBay fees in the past for this account that got suspended.

    Or, as an alternative, will they try to withdraw the money from my bank account which is linked to my Paypal account?

    If either of these is the case, would it be wise for me to cancel my bank account that is linked to eBay, and to cancel my credit cards I used to pay my previous eBay fees?

    Time is of the essence on this question--as my eBay fees come due on the first of the month.

    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    What did you do take get suspended?
    Do you need the ebay account anymore?
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      fees due

      Hi there
      that is such a shame. I am afraid that they will get a collection agency to try and get your fees. I have had that in the past several times but I refuse the envelope and send them back. But I think they will. I don't know how it is in the states though.


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        ebay fees

        oh and yes if there is money on the paypal account they will take it. if there is no money on it they can not take it from the bankaccount or creditcard WITHOUT your authorization (well in Canada anyway). I think you should refuse to take the letters sent them back as unknown and change your telefon number or get a paid mobile number otherwise they keep calling you. these are automatic calls sometimes these stupid computers hang just up on you. When they call and ask for your name tell them that they have the wrong number. works sometimes


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          as a seller i left negative feedback on buyers while choosing positive as the type of feedback. someone must have narked me out or their software caught key words in the feedback i left, because all ten feedbacks i left in the last year that were such, were caught and emailed to me as proof of my suspension by the ebay police.

          yes i would love to have my account back. i made $4k a month on ebay with this account, and i've had it for 11 years!!


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            I am still looking for a definitive answer from a US-ebay member on my questions in my original post. if anyone knows the correct answer please post up a reply. I am this close to draining my paypal and bank accounts and shutting down my bank account and credit card.


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              you should pm Modee for assistance in this, it will cost but it is worth it it was for me, if you do not want the ebay account anymore then of course drain your bank account and paypal account right away but make sure you sever the direct debit agreement with your bank best of all close it right away as you said, i have only ever opened 2 business accounts with ebay and paypal the rest were premier accounts, all the premier account went down, any fees owed to paypal i received letters from debt collection agencies because it was my name and address i paid , my business accounts are still live so i dont no what the score is there, whether they come after the buiness or the business owner i am not sure, but when you find out let me know, as i said pm modee as he will know and will help, thanks.


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                AFTER you are suspended, Ebay demands payment of back fees before they will even consider reinstating. But, I've gotten accounts reinstated even without paying ANY back fees due, by disputing the fees themselves, which often tie to auction listings that were cancelled, such that Ebay is not entitled to the back fees.
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