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  • IP Address Change Need Help ASAP

    Long story short, I got suspended from ebay last month, and I am working on getting back on, I am going to use my friends info, all different from mine, and I have created a new user account on my computer so far, and I have changed my IP, well it only changed my 1 number, am I okay to open a new account now? I'm just worried that only having my IP change by 1 number isn't good enough, could someone please tell me if I'm okay? Thanks.

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    If you have done everything else right - and, just so you can imagine how many factors there are - the Short List that outlines how to create untraceable/unlinkable Ebay and PayPal accounts is 120 pages long - again, if you have done everything else right, then yes, a change in IP address of even one digit is generally enough.
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