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Web beacons and your IP address?

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  • Web beacons and your IP address?

    Please review the forums there is a long thread on this very subject and detailed tests done to confirm that web beacons are not an issue.

    What are web beacons?
    What is Web Beacon? | Webopedia

    Essentially a web beacon must be combined with cookies to send information about you and track you to the originator of the web beacon. For our purposes, EBAY does insert web beacons into their emails - yes - but reading the emails does not transmit your IP address to EBAY.

    Also, as long as you keep cookies regularly cleared on your system, you don't have to worry about web beacons anyway for any purposes.
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    Facebook will shut down Beacon to settle lawsuit

    Facebook Will Shut Down Beacon to Settle Lawsuit | PCWorld

    IDG News Service - Facebook has agreed to shut down its much maligned Beacon advertising system in order to settle a class-action lawsuit.

    Beacon, launched with much fanfare in November 2007, quickly became one of Facebook's biggest nightmares. Intended as a key piece of Facebook's "social ads" strategy, Beacon was designed to broadcast back to their friends the actions that Facebook members took on participating Web sites.

    The idea was that these notifications would act as a new form of "social" advertising, because they amount to endorsements of products made by trusted friends.

    Unfortunately, Facebook members found Beacon complicated to understand, as well as intrusive and stealthy. Many people were horrified to find out that their friends were being informed of actions, like purchases, they had undertaken in other Web sites.

    People do not like being tracked! Fortunately, web beacons are not used - not even by EBAY - at least in their emails, as a means of finding out exactly who you are. Ebay's web beacons simply transmit information about whether or not you opened an email.
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