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Ebay found accounts erased e cookies/newip/and flash

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  • Ebay found accounts erased e cookies/newip/and flash

    How did ebay find all my accounts? I always use a new ip erase explorer cookies, and flash. They found accounts I haven't used in months. Ones i wasn't even using to sell maybe bid with. We need to figure this out thanks.

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    You need to get the 120 page plus Short List and learn how to create new untraceable/unlinkable EBAY + PayPal accounts.
    Untraceable / unlinkable means cannot be traced back to or linked with any prior account, cannot be traced back to or linked with any other account you might create to run at the same time - IF you follow my techniques.

    Other benefits of following my Short List (SL) for creating new accounts are that your accounts will stay up the maximum amount of time possible, and delay the PayPal limitation and SS # request as long as possible if you are in the US, and at least delay the limitation and request for verifying docs if you are outside of the US.

    A lot of people think they know how to create accounts properly, but after reviewing my over 120 page Short List and doing tech support with me they realize that there was a tragic difference between the way they were doing it, and the way I recommend doing it.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      im down, cant wait


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        Yes siree Modee's ShortList is a big lifesaver when it comes to Ebay and Paypal.
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          Long time not posted on this great forum - much work these days - thanx to MoDee ! But I have some short view of the post ! For me personally when I use Mozilla Firefox , from time to time , the browser is updating automatically , and therefore it reset the old configuration and that is how the browser is not deleting Cookies after it is shut down , so set the browser to not install automatically the new available version and you will be one step ahead and confident that everything is going like it should be ! Regards ! Also good work is to set this link as your homepage , so everytime Firefox is starting you will check for Flash Objects !

          Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel

          Hope this can help someone !