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Integrating your NON-PayPal credit card processor DIRECTLY into Ebay checkout

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  • Integrating your NON-PayPal credit card processor DIRECTLY into Ebay checkout

    One method for getting approved with a credit card processor (your own merchant account) with Ebay, is outlined here:
    Getting approved for merchant account only (no PayPal) status at EBAY - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited

    This is the standard technique where you try to list on Ebay, are asked for your merchant account information, FAX it in, get approved, and then proceed to use your Ebay with the merchant account.

    Lately Ebay has been offering a means to integrate your merchant account DIRECTLY with Ebay checkout, via a payment gateway:
    Security Measure

    If you do this, at the end of auctions your buyers will be able to pay you directly through Ebay checkout. They will also benefit from the Ebay Buyer Protection program
    which many buyers insist on, and think erroneously that they may obtain only if they pay with PayPal. (Not so - as long as the buyer pays through Ebay checkout, Ebay buyer protection kicks in.)

    Now, this is a two step process: FIRST, you must get approved with a credit card processor that uses as its gateway. For this, I recommend National BankCard

    Remember it is not just a matter of getting approved by them - but approved by them for use on Ebay. If you go to most any processor and ask to be approved for sales on Ebay, you will be denied. But, there is a technique to getting approved for Ebay credit card processing with most any credit card processor - you just have to package the application properly.

    THEN, with your approved merchant account + gateway in hand, you follow the steps to integrate your processor + Gateway with Ebay
    Click image for larger version  Name:	EbayCheckout Integration.jpg Views:	1 Size:	47.1 KB ID:	69562

    The REASON I suggest applying with National BankCard is that with them you'll get your payment gateway at the same time as your merchant processing account. If you get them separately, and apply for the Gateway for example through Ebay (such as, for example, for PayFlow), you may run into issues if the name on your Ebay account does not match the name on your merchant processing account.

    An even bigger reason is that I know how to get approved by National BankCard for Ebay, and I now have a direct contact there who will make sure that you are approved.

    Then, with merchant account and gateway information in hand, as you input the information from (API login name and transaction key) into your Ebay account
    Click image for larger version  Name:	GatewayEntryEbay.jpg Views:	1 Size:	46.1 KB ID:	69563

    you will, as Ebay checks to make certain that the payment method works (that you have provided a proper gateway plus API and transaction keys, connected to an actual merchant account), be approved AUTOMATICALLY for Ebay merchant account status.

    You will then be directed to activate Ebay checkout for all your listings. NOTE: In your settings I advise setting so that you will ship ONLY to the billing address of the credit card especially if you are selling high ticket items. This avoids credit card fraud.

    You will also need to revise your Ebay listings to indicate that you accept a merchant account (and not PayPal), and you will need to input specific verbiage into your auction listings so that buyers know that you do NOT accept PayPal, but that they WILL get Ebay Buyer Protection and be able to pay through Ebay Checkout. It wouldn't hurt to remind them that they will be DOUBLY protected in all sales now - via EBay Buyer Protection AND their own credit card.

    Now, this whole process:
    1) Getting approved by National BankCard + for use on EBAY
    2) Integrating properly with Ebay
    3) Revising your auction listings so that buyers are not only COMFORTABLE but HAPPY with your non-PayPal sales

    is a little tricky. If you approach National BankCard or Ebay the wrong way, you will be denied at different stages of this process. And if you don't list your items properly, your buyers will be turned off by your non-Ebay transactions and not pay you at auction's close.

    Also, at the end of the day you WILL want your credit card processor to be in the same name as your EBay account if for no other reason so that your buyers are not confused (and also in case EBay checks at some point), but there are simple ways to make certain this happens with a minimum of paperwork and a real minimum of government registration (if any at all) of your business.

    Contact me for my merchant tech support on getting a merchant account and having it approved by Ebay, for all details.
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    Modee Tech Support

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    eBay Selling Test - New Pre 2007 Acct, Trials

    I wanted to do a full case study for you all, to learn how I have gotten back on eBay, what I did to stay on eBay, and a day-by-day account of how things have gone. Perhaps this can shed some light on how they operate, and how to stay safe from a real business's perspective.

    I began with:

    - Pre 2007 account purchased from Modee
    - Established and seasoned Google Checkout account
    - New CartManager account

    Before even receiving the new account, I went to Best Buy and purchased a Verizon Wireless Jetpack wireless hotspot. It ran $150 for the unit and $60/mo. I opted for the fasted available service, which happens to be Verizon. I set it up and connected it to a fresh laptop, new installation of Windows 7, and obviously no prior surfing/connection history what-so-ever.

    Once I received the account from Modee I logged into the provided email accounts and eBay account. Everything looked great! So I began with running through ideas on how to process cards without using Paypal. Using a pre 2007 account gives you full access to instant approval on using merchant services. So I linked CartManager to Google Checkout and then linked CartManager to eBay. I made sure to sign up to CartManager with the same user information that my eBay account uses, to ensure that any information transmitted between the services matches.

    That's where I hit the first bottleneck. After running 6 auctions, nobody paid (even though the CartManager configuration was right). I then went in and got the customer email addresses and used Google Checkout to send them invoices. 2 have paid so far (since sending them this morning). I began researching how to get around the gap in payment (since most people pay through Paypal or eBay's integrated checkout, this adds another step).

    My company has 2 warehouses full of inventory that we need to start selling, so we need a faster solution to processing payments... something seamless and that can be integrated with a shipping manager to fire off labels quickly. So Modee sent me an email with an idea... What about using National Bankcard (through his reference, it's a 10 minute phonecall to do the entire application and submission... approval within 24 hours)... Well, that was the idea that stuck in my head!

    So I went ahead and registered a DBA, linked it to my main company EIN and then called the rep to get things moving. Like I said, 10 minutes is all it took. I filed the DBA under the name of the eBay user account. From my initial discovery, the only data that eBay will furnish from (the payment gateway) is the merchant data and ability to authorize/charge cards and post/postback data. They may look at the business's name, which matches the name of the user account.

    The next step, which I am somewhat hesitant on doing... Is changing the eBay account type over to a business account. I don't want to throw any red flags in the process. However, it definitely needs to match the possible new merchant account. I just signed up for the new merchant account today so I will wait for merchant approval before I go ahead and transition the eBay account over to a business account. Doing this should theoretically add another layer of protection. If eBay checks the merchant account name against the registered eBay business name and it's the same, it should be safe. The merchant is NOT allowed to transmit the account holder's information, only information related to transactions and the business name itself.

    The last step for me will be to run a few low volume sales tests before opening things up more. I will post 2-3 low revenue items and then 2-3 mid value revenue items. Keep in mind, nothing we sell violates VERO in any way. Everything is purchased from liquidation services in large quantities. But remember that once your business is registered and eBay account has a name that matches the merchant, you can go to the bank and open a bank account in your business name with you as an authorized user. When you add the newly provided bank card to the eBay account for automatic payment of fees, you can just put the name of the business on the card in place of your own name, and you won't run any risk of issues. The only issue that could surface would be the address mismatch. That can easily be changes by logging into your internet banking and changing your card's registered address to the address listed on the eBay account. You won't need to receive your physical paper statements. If you ever need to open a new card, then change the address back until they mail it.

    That's the blow by blow so far. Modee has been great with helping get things moving. I definitely suggest going with his Tech Support if you are stuck. He helped me over a few big bumps and we're in the home stretch now!

    I will continue to provide daily updates and progress reports. I how to be back up to $50k/mo with the new eBay/National Bankcard/Authorize combination within the next 3-6 weeks.

    Remember, I purchased a very old account that had 100% positive feedback. Any account that you use, I suggest getting a separate wireless hotspot and computer for. I won't take chances risking an account because of a computer name being transmitted. It's worth the couple hundred bucks for peace of mind.


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      Moving forward pretty quickly... I just got the approval from National Bankcard not even 24 hours later. Now I am going to convert the eBay account purchased from Modee from Individual to Business. Part of the approval process is instant access to the gateway for direct integration.

      I already established a DBA under my main company using the username of the eBay account, and the business name on the merchant account matches both.

      Here goes nothing...


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        The upgrade to a business account was a simple click to submit after typing the name. Didn't appear to change anything except the business type and the name I specified.

        Now to integrate... Fingers crossed!


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          Conversion and integration is now fully complete.

          I am doubtful that eBay does any sort of check against the merchant accounts other than business name at this time (if even that).

          I will be putting up another dozen items today for testing... Hopefully now that the eBay is fully integrated with Authorize using eBay's internal checkout system there won't be any delays in payment acceptance.

          My final thoughts... Using National Bankcard and Authorize for each individual eBay account, along with individual computers and/or virtual terminals would limit the scope of what eBay can see and correlate to any past accounts. I will maintain a few weeks of daily updates here with sales totals just to give you guys an idea of what to expect. Remember, I am NOT selling VERO merchandise, and my team fulfills orders in house (we don't dropship).


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            National BankCard - the preferred credit card processor for Ebay accounts

            PM me for more details on why National BankCard words ideally with Ebay - any Ebay account, whether created in your own name or Stealth! I can refer you to the right person there to make certain your application is approved and your account set up properly for use with Ebay.
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              Testing is now fully complete!

              I have gone ahead and listed at full capacity for the last 2 weeks. We are up to $40,000 in sales and still going strong.

              Everything has worked flawlessly so far!


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                Originally posted by chg View Post
                Testing is now fully complete!

                I have gone ahead and listed at full capacity for the last 2 weeks. We are up to $40,000 in sales and still going strong.

                Everything has worked flawlessly so far!
                And that's all the result of proper teamwork via Modee tech support!
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                  would this be suitable for the uk?


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                    In the UK you must offer PayPal as a payment option

                    but you may additionally offer a merchant account.
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