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  • Auctioncheckout

    This is straight from auctioncheckout itself:

    Hello my name is Jonas and I work for AuctionCheckout. Here are some key points about our service that may help you get to know who we are and what we do.

    Low Rates Guaranteed! eBay and Overstock Auctions sellers enjoy exclusive, preferred low rates with AuctionCheckout.

    Here's what's included:
    No Frozen Funds - You control your own money.
    Automatic Direct Deposits - No waiting for your money.
    No BUYER registration - Speeds up sales.
    Includes an Invoicing System - Another way to get paid.
    Includes an Invoicing System - Another way to get paid.
    Low Rates - Guaranteed preferred pricing.
    No website required - Just enroll and go!
    Total security - 128-bit encryption throughout.
    Easy Export - Use data with your other services.
    Virtual Terminal - Great for processing phone orders and credit returns!

    AuctionCheckout Gold is for sellers who want to start accepting credit card payment and do not already have an eCommerce merchant processing account (NOTE: Retail merchant accounts are NOT compatible). It includes the eCommerce merchant processing account, the payment gateway for authorizing transactions, the Virtual Terminal for taking phone orders (and issuing credit returns), and the AuctionCheckout service for managing your auction payments. If you sell on eBay or other auction site and currently accept PayPal or other payment service, this is the option for you.

    Rapid Approval's, low rates, Automatic Deposits, No Buyer Registration, Complete Solution, Total Security, Includes an Invoicing System.

    Application fee - Free, Annual fee - Free, Setup fee - Free, Qualified Discount Rate - 2.19%, Transaction fee - $0.29 per transaction, Monthly Service fee - $29.

    AuctionCheckout Blue is for online merchants who already accept credit cards on their website and want to start processing their auction payments with their existing eCommerce merchant account and payment gateway. You must have an existing payment gateway account with Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, USAePay, or one of the other payment gateways that AuctionCheckout is compatible with.

    Instant Payments, Fits all payment gateways, Includes an invoicing system, No buyer registration, Affordable, No web site required, Total security, Easy Export.

    One time setup fee - $48.00, Transaction fee - $0.10, Monthly Service fee - $24, Min. transaction requirement - None.

    Here is a better explanation of the Gold account checkout process and the companies taking care of your payments.

    Auction Checkout:
    We are the shopping cart technology that is 100% integrated with Ebay and Overstock. There is no buyer registration. Your buyer can click on the Checkout Now button or there is a link in the winning bidder email that they can click on and pay. is the Merchant Gateway:
    They authorize the buyer's transaction making sure that the funds are available and settles the transactions. They are also your virtual terminal, where you would go to charge anyone for just about anything and if you need to refund your buyers.

    E-onlinedata is the Merchant Processor:
    Processes the funds and pulls the money from the card issuing bank, deposits funds into your bank account. It takes 2-3 business days to get your deposits.
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    HOWEVER, keep in mind that their fees charge you at both ends...for what auctioncheckout fees (noted above) PLUS credit card processing fees from E-onlinedata, that does the actual processing.

    Your net fees come down to:

    4.58% per transactoin
    $0.59 per transaction
    $54 monthly

    Which is, in my opinion, a LOT.
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      Auctioncheckout is shut down. No more.
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