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    I wasted over an hour of my time trying to send a payment to a merchant who insists on using Skrill. I never was able to make the payment.

    I went to Skrill, opened a legitimate account with all of my real, accurate information. Skrill then required that I verify my identity by taking a quiz which inquired about previous addresses/phone numbers which I passed. Skrill then asked me to verify my SS# which also passed. I then added, one by one, two different credit cards and one debit card, all in my name, all with matching address, aligned with the info Skrill has. Skrill refused to accept ALL 3 payment methods, each from different banks. Each bank is one of the largest in the US/world. I called Skrill and they said that the issue was on the banks' side, and not theirs which I found odd since I tried three different cards/banks. The banks confirmed they were not blocking or holding the payments as I suspected.

    Bottom line: Skrill is useless. Avoid at all costs. There's a possibility that someone will now steal my information. I don't trust Skrill and have already closed my account since it's useless to me.

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    Sorry to hear that. You got off easy if they wasted only an hour of your time. I had a moneybookers account, and then sometime after Skrill took them over, they asked me for ID verification. I provided it, and they closed the account down without further explanation even though everything supplied was legitimate.

    At some time later, I applied for a Skrill account and they went back and forth for weeks asking for this and that and then finally said that my "business model" did not work for them, even though it was applied for under a simple physical goods being sold via a website business model. And then shortly after that, the SPAM started:
    Moneybookers (Skrill) spammer will sell your name and email address to SPAM marketers - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited

    Basically Skrill is hit or miss - if they want to approve you they will do so easily, and quickly, but otherwise once they start asking for verifications it usually ends badly with a denial after much wasted time. And right now I don't even want to bother with them for fear of getting spammed if I do supply a different email address for a brand new application.
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