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Public information about Ebay, PayPal and Amazon is generally useless

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  • Public information about Ebay, PayPal and Amazon is generally useless

    You can bet that whatever you read in public forums, is information that is well known to Ebay, PayPal and Amazon. Therefore, while you can get a very good handle on the basics by reading up in public forums, you will never find posted publicly the most vital and useful information that makes the difference between an Ebay and PayPal success story, and a failure.

    Same applies to Amazon - if you want to know how to unlock an Amazon account you will never find out in any public forum!

    Oftentimes people come to me and say that well, I did everything I read about at such and such forum, I can't see how Ebay traced me back to some old account, or why I got suspended again. The obvious answer of course is that Ebay and PayPal were already one step (if not more) ahead of you when you THOUGHT you were outwitting them.

    This is because as we come up with more methods to hide from Ebay and PayPal, and create new untraceable/unlinkable accounts, those methods that are posted in public become known and then Ebay and PayPal simply work around them. The reason that some information posted in public remains valid and useful is that for some of the basics - Example: IP address, the rules just stay the same whether the information is posted in public or not.

    But when it comes to the SUM of all knowledge about Ebay and PayPal, and techniques to, for example, sell VERO items under the radar, or create untraceable/unlinkable accounts, or get past selling limits, remove feedback, get other Ebay members suspended, and so on, this information must be reserved from public forums. This is why the Short List and all my other techniques for overcoming Ebay, PayPal, Amazon and other problems is not simply printed online - it is available only via tech support, and only after a client enters into a mutual confidentiality understanding that the information will not be disclosed.

    Additionally, since the Short List is constantly updated by me, it keeps abreast of ALL of the latest innovations to stay one step ahead of Ebay and PayPal, AND these latest innovations remain unknown to Ebay and PayPal so that the techniques continue to WORK, for us.

    So, as I posted elsewhere, if you post a question in this or another forum and find that some sort of answer comes up right away, you can bet that this information is of less use to you, compared to private information that you will not find posted in public.

    In closing these thoughts, I wish Everyone Good Luck with everything Ebay and PayPal! and Amazon!
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    Hello, I need your help with my amazon account. I sent the requested details now they want my bank to send my billing address and all to them which is quite impossible