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Can i change my address to a USA one

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  • Can i change my address to a USA one

    Hi I have two accounts a (with feedback) and a USA stealth account new, no FB

    My question is Can i change my accounts address to a USA one I can use via a service here in canada - shipping with USPA

    I have access to a usa proxy as well as vpn....

    Thanks everyone

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    no you can't if you want a new address just make a new one


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      Yes it is allowed to change an Ebay from one registration country to another (after all, people do move). But your situation is of trying to PRETEND to have moved - in which case, you must do everything perfectly and undetectably.

      Proxy and VPN - forget it. You need the Short List, and tech support.
      Please read the forum rules before you post.

      And if you need extra help:
      Modee Tech Support