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ebay will not let me have a ebay account

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  • ebay will not let me have a ebay account

    Hi I was wondering if any one can help iv set up 4 different ebay accounts and every time I set one up they suspend it for no good reason iv not managed to sell one item before I get the chance to list a item they suspend the account iv phoned them and all they say is I'm a risk I'm not sure how they can say that when iv heather had a ebay account before its upsetting as my son passed away at just 7 weeks old and want to sell to raise cash for his head stone I have explained this to them but they don't care , iv also noticed people sell accounts but I cant afford one and as soon as its put in my name or address they will just suspend it again can any one help I need advice as I feel they are out of order and so desperately want to raise the money for my sons head stone

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    You need the Short List.
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