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need help - issue with return address on Ebay stealth accounts

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  • Modee
    Welcome conroy892! The Short List is your best bet on this and many other issues, because the answer is usually a lot longer or more involved than just one sentence.

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  • conroy892
    True, I have been on aspkin for awhile and absolutely hate how they bash new members trying to get back on.

    But I have heard using variations of the name, address and such could work. Just very scared if eBay or PayPal might trace me again.

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  • ozzy214
    How much is it?

    Um yes information is real, even have ss attached to paypal for both. Verfied with id.

    But the issue is having a good address on ebay that doesnt link to me. Thats the question.

    Can I do like
    123 main st
    anywhere, pa

    with no name listed on ebay. and that address is street address to post office?

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  • Modee
    I'm not sure what method you are using to create your accounts but if you are using random phony information and especially non bona fide addresses (addresses to which mail may not be delivered), then you have not yet begun to understand how to create accounts properly.

    I suggest the Short List. It is in its current form over 130 pages long, and growing weekly as it is updated. Nothing anyone could post here in a sentence or two will solve this issue.

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  • need help - issue with return address on Ebay stealth accounts

    I have been over on aspkin forum and not getting anywhere. People over there are one sided and speak in riddles.

    Im running two stealth accounts in full force. No issues. Almost 1000 usd in sales last 9 days. Which isnt bad. One account about 30 days old, other 2 weeks.

    I have solved almost every problem I have had through research and what not, but one.

    Obviously on the stealth accounts, the ship from and return address is bad. Goes nowhere. I ran into a issue where the po bounced a package due to insufficient postage. My stupidity granted. I luckily had the po catch and forward back to my real address.

    Now don't throw anything at me But the only issue I face is a good ship from - return address.

    I can get a po box or even ups store box in my name no issue. Problem is neither will accept mail unless in my name. So say I have the stealth name and the real po box, neither location will accept it.

    So how do I get around this? My head hurts from researching and pondering etc.

    Only firm suggestion I seen was use "returns dept" or even leave name blank. Or something like "no name" and the "right" address.

    Whats your thoughts? Everything else is good. I was able to wing verification on both accounts and get them to 100/5000 in less than 30 days.

    Different ips, user acounts, etc.

    This is one issue i have. Because if a customer does a return or USPS bounces something back, then Im screwed.

    Only other thought I had was using a po forwarding slip, but doubt that will work since obviously stealth and my name is not the same.