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Gallery images upload errors lately with EBAY listings

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  • Gallery images upload errors lately with EBAY listings

    For no real reason, lately EBAY has been failing to upload gallery images. When this happens, they send you an email requesting that you resubmit them, via a link provided.

    Not a big deal, but just another example of EBAY hard at work.

    Gallery picture issue for ______________ NR(#2704468_______)

    Hi ___________,

    There was an issue generating the Gallery picture for your listingr. XXXXXXX XXXXX Night XXXXX NEW NR(#270446803858)

    Why it didn't work:
    We were unable to identify the exact problem with:
    Error Page | eBay

    Here's how to fix it:
    Please contact customer support at [email protected] for more information about your Gallery picture.
    You can resubmit or change your Gallery picture by clicking the following eBay page link or by copying or typing the link text into the Address box in a browser window: _________

    To fix the error with your picture,click "Resolve issue."

    This is an automatically generated email,so we won't receive any replies sent to this address.

    This does show, however, that EBAY uses an image hosting service similar to imageshack and Photobucket to host all their images
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support